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Credit Point  ® by Finenproc 

Abriendo puertas. A Punto con sus necesidades.

Credit Point ® by Finenproc offers solutions designed to meet the expectations of all Venezuelan and foreign electronic merchants, e-business, physical store, natural persons and simple professionals who wish to a simple and easy-to use option to perform card payments of credit and debit in foreign currency in affiliated merchants based in our country and in international stores.

Our mission is to offer immediate payment solutions with international credit and debit card through our physical and online payment point from Venezuela and from anywhere in the world.

Destined to simple professionals, to large, small and medium enterprises. We allow you to make your transactions and purchases to Venezuela from the comfort of your home or office from anywhere in the world.

"your transactions and purchases to Venezuela from any part of the world"


Advantages of making your transactions

throught Credit Point ® by Finenproc

>>> Our payment is immediate through our CREDIT POINT® in virtual and physical mode, like any point of sale.

>>> Payments from anywhere in the world, in any currency, in 11 languages.

>>> Accept payments from customers with a credit or debit card from anywhere in the world.

>>> We help SMEs to optimize their conversion rate, offering them the means and the personalized form of payment for their activity.

>>> Our solutions will open new markets and new customers through the use of our local and online payment method. 

>>> We are a dynamic team that will accompany you to optimize your sales, improve customer satisfaction and open new markets and customers.

>>> With Credit Point you pay with your bank credit or personal or business debit card, your customers can pay products of high value amounts. They only need to have money available on their credit or debit cards.


Credit Point ® allows you to quickly and easily accept payments through credit cards, the most widely used type of online payment in the world. It only takes 10 minutes to start receiving payments via credit card and there are no hidden charges. You only pay for successful transactions.

European Union € 0.25 + 1.8 %

No European € 0.25 + 2.8 %

Around the world € 0.25 + 2.8 %

"With Credit Point you pay with your bank credit or debit card high value


how does it work?

This is how works

Credit Point ® by Finenproc



>>> Go to our official website

>>> Register and place all the information requested by our registration form.

>>> If you are already a registered user, select your Alias ​​or registration number.

>>> Log in with your usual access codes through an encrypted and secure connection.

>>> Select the identification code of the merchant or recipient to be paid and enter the amount.

>>> Choose the credit or debit card from which you wish to pay.

>>> Verify your purchase.

Woman Holding credit card and inputting
Payment Methods

What are the payment methods offered by

Credit Point ® by Finenproc?


In addition to VISA and MasterCard, we offer you more than 25 international payment methods, since the payment methods used vary from one country to another. This gives you the opportunity to open your business internationally. Find all our payment methods on the page dedicated to each market.

How much does it cost to use the payment platform of Credit Point ® by Finenproc?


>>> We only charge a fee for your transactions, without subscription or installation fees. You can calculate your costs on the rates page, the rate varies according to the country of registration of your company, your activity and the currency used. For example, for a Spanish company that sells goods or services in euros in the Spanish market, the rate is 1.45% + € 0.3 per transaction, that is, for a transaction of € 100 we charge € 1.75.

>>> Depending on the type of activity, we can apply a Renewable Reserve or a security deposit to protect against possible unpaid bills.

>>> Additional costs can be added, such as commissions for chargeback (your customer's opposition to a payment).

Young African waitress presenting an ele

In which countries is it available

Credit Point ® by Finenproc?


>>> We work mainly with merchants. Companies are registered on our website

>>> Every merchant has the possibility to accept international payments or pay through our Credit Point ®

>>> For merchants from outside Europe, we examine the requests case by case, depending on the activity and the target market.

"In addition to VISA and MasterCard, we offer more than 25 international payment methods"


What information do I need to join

and open an account?


Throughout the registration process, we will ask for the following information:

>>> Tax information of the company (name / address / status).

>>> Contact address provided for the site (be sure to provide us with a valid email address).

>>> Contact details of the beneficiaries (natural or legal persons).

>>> Activity of the company and technical data.

>>> Bank details (for your retrocessions).


Then, if all the above requirements are satisfied, we will ask you to send us the administrative documents related to your company.

Then, you can fill out the registration form, without any commitment on your part.


Credit Point  ® by Finenproc 

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